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Blackjack Atlantic City game review and free demo

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This iSoftBet game offers you the opportunity to play for fun or real money, so you get the chance to improve your skills before risking your hard-won money. Develop your skill to try to beat the dealer and maybe make some money playing this fun and realistic game. Blackjack is not a game of pure chance. It takes a combination of luck and strategy to beat the dealer, getting the highest card value possible, without going over 21. Aces are the most valuable cards, worth either one or eleven points, face cards are worth ten points each and the remaining cards are valued by its numbers.

About the game

Blackjack Atlantic City follows the rules of standard blackjack. The interface is realistic, featuring the table with a betting box. There are no other players at the table, just you and the dealer. Click the new game button to start playing: two cards will be revealed for both you and the dealer. You’ll win if you get either a total of 21 points or more points than the dealer without exceeding 21. You can ask for more cards by pressing Hit or click Stand if you don’t want any more cards. If you feel confident, you have the option to Double Down your cards, which doubles your wager and risk. If, on the contrary, you’re insecure, you can also surrender the hand at any point by clicking the Surrender button.

iSoftBet developed a nice platform to play this classic game. It is nice and simple, great for beginners, but it also integrates features that experienced players want and need. You start with a balance of a thousand coins in the free version, which can last you for hours if you follow simple tactics. Therefore, whether you’re new to blackjack or seeking an opportunity to improve your skills, Blackjack Atlantic City is a great option.

Gameplay and rules – How to play Blackjack Atlantic City

Set your bet by clicking on the poker chips at the bottom: you can bet from 0.10 to 10.00 coins and the game pays 3 to 2 with an insurance payout of 2 to 1.

Blackjack Atlantic City has a few additional rules:
  • Late Surrender: you can use this option even when the dealer has already checked for blackjack. It allows you to lose only half of your wager.
  • Splitting Rules: you can hold a maximum of four hands, since you can split a hand up to three times.
  • Doubling Down: after you get your first two cards, you can choose to double down, which doubles your wager, even after splitting.
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