About Us

At Casino Peep we aim to be the most important resource for casino reviews, with accurate and well-researched information. We work continuously to give you important information about: games, software, tips, online gaming news, and much more.

To achieve this goal, we are using innovative methods and persistently work to improve our information base and knowledge capacity.

We strive to offer an intuitive and user-friendly site, which we hope is a useful and successful tool for all online gaming fans.

Currently, available content at our site includes:

Editorial Reviews

The editorial reviews include essential points of evaluation, such as games, casino features, bonuses, customer service, etc. Written with objectivity and simplicity, and always filtered by impartiality, our reviews intent to give our readers a solid base of information to help them start their journey. Apart from our evaluations, there are also user ratings and reviews, so our users can share experiences and help each other along the way.

Our visitors can read professional critiques, along with user comments, perceiving how other players think and feel about such games, learning game tips and getting a real, honest and large selection of points of view, which will help them understand if the game or casino is the right one for their needs.

User Reviews

It’s very important for us to have a place where our visitors can leave their opinions, reviews and new content. We believe this is one of the best ways to choose whether or not to visit a particular casino or try a specific game.

At the moment, our lists of best casinos or games are develop based on an equal amount of user reviews and editorial feedback, but in the future we hope to get more feedback from our users, so our lists will reflect user experience a whole lot more.

Online Casino Lists

The list of online casinos that we present on this site contains only those that we find entirely consistent and reliable. This means that in our analysis we focus on important features such as software security, licensing and user feedback. We also take the number of registered players into consideration as well.

Our user reviews are extremely important to develop a readily available and solid list of ratings, so we hope that more and more customers help us do this by submitting their opinions and reviews.

Casino Reviews

We also provide individual information about each casino, tips about online casino gaming, good articles about this themes and information about getting started betting on online casinos. We not only provide basic information to inform our visitors, but we also recommend tactics and strategies, explained in the simplest possible way. By doing so we want to encourage players to try new games and sites, because we believe it will be an exciting and trilling experience for them.

In a nut shell, our goal is to provide users with all the information they might need to enjoy a positive casino experience and to get the most out of this site.