Keith Tilston Wins US Poker Open $50,000 Main Event

Keith Tilston emerged victorious in the $50,000 Main Event of the inaugural US Poker Open last night to be awarded $660,000 in prize money and the right to boast about beating a field of some of the world’s top high rollers.

This was Tilston’s fourth cash in the brand-new poker series. The player collected a total of $1,047,100 from the US Poker Open, including his payout from the Main Event. However, despite his impressive performance, the player could not pass UK poker pro Stephen Chidwick in the US Poker Open Championship standings. The Brit could not make it to the paid positions in the Main Event, but nevertheless cashed $1,256,600 from the series to be crowned the US Poker Open Champion and be awarded the special champion’s trophy.

2018 US Poker Open

Tilston entered the final day of the $50,000 Main Event with massive chip advantage over his remaining opponents. The five-handed final table of the tournament was rounded out by some of poker’s heavyweights and Tilston knew that winning would not be an easy task.

However, the player had no intention to relinquish the chip lead and kept and grew his momentum all the way through the day. He inflicted his first blow on Dan Smith on the very second hand of the day. The latter left the tournament in fifth place for a payout of $132,000.

Tom Marchese was eliminated by Daniel Negreanu shortly after to scoop $165,000 from the tournament. Negreanu himself went out in third place after he clashed against Jake Schindler. The Canadian poker pro received $264,000 from the payouts desk for his performance in the tournament.

The Main Event champion spoke with great respect about his opponents, particularly about Schindler. Tilston said that his final opponent was probably the last person in the world he would wish to face heads-up due to his aggressive style and great skills.

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