Mandatory loss limits implemented in online casino VideoSlots

Online Casino has now mandatory loss limits on their website. Read the article to know more!

The operator is taking seriously the responsible gambling rules now with the current world situation.

With almost everyone being at home, it’s necessary to take some precautions to promote responsible gambling in order to protect casino customers.

Having this in mind VideoSlots implemented a mandatory loss limit for all customers in UK. Now they need to set their loss limits before placing their bets. After choosing a value, it takes 7 days to change the limit.

Videoslots.com CEO, Alexander Stevendahl, states: “Playing on Videoslots.com should be a safe and enjoyable form of entertainment and that’s why we’ve made loss limits mandatory.”

He also adds: “(…) this addition is another way to further protect our players, especially during these tough times. We expect other operators to follow suit.”

Besides this, the credit card ban implemented on this past April 14th adds for a better control bookmakers public and promote a more responsible gambling.

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