Video Poker – terms and expressions to be a champion!

You can certainly start playing the best online video poker games without taking a look at this video poker glossary. Sure enough, if you start with free video poker games, you don’t have to worry about not understanding all words used, however in real money games it is wise to be on top of the video poker jargon. In this video poker glossary you’ll find the most common expressions and their meanings.

Bank – The amount of money that the player has to play with or to cash out. On a video poker machine this information appears on a display.
Bonus Poker – In this version you will play with bonuses built into the game.
Deuces Wild – A popular type of video poker. In this game the two spots cards are called Deuces. These are used as wilds and replace other cards.
Face card – These are the cards with faces: the Jack, the Queen and the King.
Flush – This is a hand with cards all of the same suit.
Full House – This hand has three of a kind and a pair.
Full Pay machine – This is a video poker machine which has been programmed to give back the maximum amount possible to players.
Jacks or Better – In this version of video poker you need to get jacks or better in order to get a payout. This is one of the most popular video poker games.
Joker Poker – In Joker Poker you have a joker card that works as a wild card.
Max bet – This is the biggest bet you can place on a single spin. The standard is that you can bet 5 coins on a spin, but there are video poker games with higher betting amounts.
Pay table – You will have a pay table for each game. This table shows you how big a payout you get for each hand and its relation to how many coins you bet on the game.
Progressive jackpot – This is a growing jackpot tied to the video poker game. Everybody who bets on games tied to this jackpot adds a small sum to it. In the end the progressive jackpot can reach massive amounts.
Poker rank – The poker rank is the status of a specific group of cards, a poker hand. In video poker the Royal Flush is usually the hand ranked the highest. In the pay table you see which hand has the highest rank in the game that you are playing on.
RNG or Random Number Generator – This is the part of the software that ensures that the video poker game will deal hands randomly, so that you can’t figure out which cards will come up.
Short pay machine – This is a video poker machine that is not paying out well and is therefore a bad choice for players.
Straight – A hand with cards in sequential number order, such as: 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7.
Straight Flush – This is a hand of sequential cards of the same suit.
Royal Flush – This is an ace-high straight flush and it includes: 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of the same suit.
Wild – This is a card that you can use to replace other cards with.
Wild Royal – This is a Royal Flush with a wild card. It has a different value as a real Royal Flush.

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