Can I live on sports betting?

With the community growing each day, it’s usual now to see comments like “who knew becoming unemployed would be the best job?”, “Before betting, I used to watch football; now I live football”. These are comments that participated in the witnessing of Paulo Rebelo’s book “Winning with sports betting”. Rebelo is considered to be the only one that helped the life of many bettors. And why?

Because there is a personal mechanic to deal with sports betting. This is a project with a lot of investment, dedication, work, self-confidence and, above all, it’s not something you learn from a day to another. It can take months or even years.
This mechanic makes people’s lives to change and turn them into sports betting professionals but also makes people to give up.

With knowledge, dedication, work and self-control it’s possible to win money with sports betting.

There are people who win always with the same amount of money as a salary, but make an effort to keep looking good to their bosses. In sports betting, there is the freedom of doing what you want.

Be your own boss

Having the possibility to control your time invested and your work is something that needs a well-defined emotional control. Having the autonomy to manage work days, vacations, where to work (a huge advantage since you just need internet access and it’s something you can find everywhere now a days) and above all, strategy. Evolving in sports betting will depend on recreating new strategies throughout your journey that will help to consume the expected positive value from the betting and transform it in knowledge and results.

Dedication to reach success

It’s a profession where is very important to spend hours and hours to be able to learn and reach the best results possible. Managing your time will allow you to create strategies to win as much as the time you spent getting into a certain bet or conclusion.

Is it possible to lose money?

One of the disadvantage of any bettor, specially the new ones, it’s the rollercoaster of its results and it’s something the bettor can’t control or manipulate. There are always going to exist moments where not so positive results will affect personal and professional life, so the acceptation of the “possibility of losing money” is also a very important state of mind to have success in sports betting.

🍀 Where can I start betting?

You can check here a list of the best bookmakers in the UK, licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

🍀 Which sport is the best to bet on?

We can’t answer that question for you but we can help you to choose the best sport that suits your needs. Check here.

🍀 Can I play or bet without having to deposit?

Yes! In the area “Free Spins” you can check a list of casinos and bookmakers that offer free bonus or free spins without the need for a deposit, you just need to create an account!

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