Which sport is the best to bet on?

To know which sport is the best to bet on, it’s necessary to know very well the betting world. If we do trip back to 2010 we can see how sports betting evolved from that time.

The most common bets in 2010 were based on:

  • Football;
  • Basketball;
  • NFL;
  • Tennis;
  • Horseracing;

Nowadays the developing of sports betting has a huge impact. There are more and more sports events each day and this is due to the increasing of the impact and growth of some sports population, for example, NBA (started to gain more adherence each year), snooker (more liquidity and adherence) or baseball (has grown a lot the last years).

There is a great diversity of sport events to bet and specialize.  There are even non-sportive events such as online games, more known as E-Sports (CSGO, Valorant, League of Legends and others). With this, we want to say that the online games industry is getting better informed about the different events and infinite ways of betting possibilities.

But to know which sport is the best to bet on is important to understand that each bettor has its profile and the answer to the question is not going to be the same for everyone. It’s necessary to have in mind some points to choose a good sport to start betting on:

  • Know the sport you’re choosing very well;
  • Keep up with daily news about the specific sport;
  • Check if it has enough markets to bet and if you’re going to have the profitability you’re looking for;
  • Know the rules and check if they are not going to interfere with your betting;
  • Check if there is streaming support where you can watch the games online;
  • Know how to take advantage and learn how to avoid the game disadvantages;
  • Check if there is a lot of liquidity;
  • Have easy access to statistic information that can help the bettor to make a better decision;
  • Choosing a sport that is tradition in the country the bettor lives, can help to find several advantages in his favour.

On the final choice, these questions should also be included:

  • What is the goal in betting on a specific sport? If you’re going to bet just for fun or if the goal is to have profit.
  • Check is the chosen sport offers several valuable bets.
🍀 I want to start betting, where can I compare bookmakers?

You can read reviews and compare bookmakers here in BetPortion!

🍀 Who is the entity that regulates bookmakers and casinos in the UK?

The entity that regulates bookmakers and casinos in the UK is UK Gambling Commission.

🍀 How can I bet or play without depositing?

You can check here the list of bookmakers and casinos that offer free spins or bonus balance!

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