What is betting with value?

It is perhaps the most complicated process to explain in sports betting and many times, it is a situation that is not interconnected with any secret strategy or banking framework. However, explaining this concept of betting with value is one of the greatest weapons to achieve consistency in sports betting in the long term.

It is a subject that only professionals can master and beginners can’t simply understand this subject, but the adaptation will happen step by step and the more often you live the true reality of value betting.

Betting with value is the ability that the bettor has to distinguish values from odds, such as distinguishing the possibility of a team winning with another probability that was offered to win.

Paulo Rebelo, current representative of Betting Academy quoted the following:

 “A bet has value, whenever the prize we are paid is higher than the risk we run, regardless of the odds”.

In other words, what Paul means is that, in this way, regardless of the bet, it will only have value if:

– The prize they pay us is higher than the risk we are running;

– If, in other words, they offer us an odd (probability) higher than the fair probability of the event;

– If our intuition based on qualitative analysis is correct, there will be a bet of value at a given time, regardless of the odd, and even if the bet is a winner or not;

Practical example:

Let’s suppose that there are 2 tennis players in which both have the same technical quality and height, which means that the fair odd of the two players is 2.00.

But there is a bookmaker that offers a prize of 2.20 to one of the players. That is, if you bet on this player at 2.20 means that you are betting with value, for whatever the outcome of the game (whether it’s a win or a loss).

Let’s suppose that we bet $10 to an odd of 2.20 in case of:

Win = £10 x (2.20-1) = £12 profit

Loss = £10

After 100 bets:

We win 50 bets: Profit = 50 x £12= £600

We lost 50 bets: Loss= 50 x £10= £500

Conclusion: the profit in the long term will be £100 (which is the difference £600-£500).

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🍀 What is betting with value?

Quoting Paulo Rebelo: “A bet has value, whenever the prize we are paid is higher than the risk we run, regardless of the odds“.

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