Which sports betting calculator is the best?

The Betting Academy community has a sports betting calculator support that is crucial to better understand the profits and losses of a given sports bet.

You don’t have to be a mathematician to know how to work with these calculators, because nowadays there are calculators for various purposes that do everything automatically. This is a tool that actively contributes to accompany the gambler and help him to make the best decision when it comes to developing new strategies and methods that are already consolidated. And so try to take advantage of profits and losses.

The Academy of Betting offers to all interested gamblers, three different tools with common goals, to calculate profits and losses of a certain probability (odd).

In this link you can find the different calculators available in the Betting Academy website.

– Simple Trading Calculator: It’s widely used on the trading side, but on the punter side it can also be interesting, but why?

Imagine you are betting on a bookmaker with the cash out option – this being a tool in which the bookmaker stipulates a value of the profit referring to a decrease or increase of the probability in which you bet.

For example: A bookmaker has bet on Under 2.5 to 2.5 and understands that it is a bet of positive expected value, intending to go to the end of the game. A bet may have value for 15 minutes, but then it stops having value and in that sequence, the cash out button is super interesting. The gambler is forced to close the position. If at that time Under 2.5 is at 1.7, it is possible to have an associated profit.

Dutching calculator: This tool calculates a set of simultaneous bets (several results) and with this the objective is to guarantee an equal profit for all the options, independently of the result of the sport event.

Combined Betting Calculator: This is a good tool if you are a punter who likes to have access to the odds of all bookmakers, including the sports betting exchange like Betfair. The purpose of this calculator is to know what profit the punter will have if he bets on the bookmakers and then go against that bet by betting, for example, on another bookmaker or even Betfair itself. For example:

🍀 What are sports betting calculators for?

These calculators are used to help the bettor to make a better decision, make more profit and reduce losses.

🍀 What is the best bookmaker?

It’s not possible to answer that question, each bookmaker has its qualities. But we have an article to help you choose the best bookmaker for you!

🍀 Where can I bet?

In the bookmakers list of BetPortion, you can find detailed reviews of each bookmakers and a comparison tool where you can compare and choose the best one for you!

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