5 Basketball themed movies!

Our team is always thinking about a way to enhance the free time of our followers so we have put together a list of 5 films with the theme basketball and NBA, which will make you stay glued to the screen for a long time and love this sport even more .

Coach Carter (2005) (IMDB 7.3/10) 

This film is based on real events that tells the story of Ken Carter, played by Samuel L. Jackson, a controversial basketball coach who puts school performance ahead of sports, preventing the team from playing due to poor school results.

The Carter Effect (2017) (IMDB 7.1/10) 

This documentary portrays the impact that NBA’s star Vince Carter had on pop culture and basketball, in addition to having several interviews with NBA stars.

Q Ball (2019) (IMDB 6.7/10) 

In San Quentin prison, criminals seek redemption from their troubled past, waging their personal battles and creating links between them, by playing basketball.

Like Mike (2002) (IMDB 5.3/10) 

Calvin Cambridge, fourteen years old, has a dream of becoming a famous basketball player and being among the best in the NBA. But his stature and limited skill make this just a fantasy. Until through a pair of magic sneakers it becomes reality.

Dear Basketball: The Legend of Kobe Bryant (2015) (IMDB 7.3/10) 

Dear Basketball is a 2017 American short film, written and narrated by Kobe Bryant. The film is based on a letter that Kobe Bryant wrote to The Players Tribune on November 29, 2015 announcing his retirement from basketball.

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💰Are there football themed movies?

Yes, you can see a list of some of the best movies for those who like football here!

💰 How tall is the hoop in a basketball game?

The hoop in a basketball game is 3.048 m high.

💰 Who holds the record for highest points per game average in Basketball?

The player who holds this record is Wilt Chamberlain, with 50.36 points average.

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