Celebrities who like to go to the casino

From Hollywood stars to world-class sportsmen, the world of casinos is transversal to every human being. With another economic ability, some celebrities like to make a regular presence in casinos and bet large amounts. In the list below we indicate some famous people who like to go to the casino.

Tobey Maguire was criticized for being a “superhero”, better known as Spider-Man and at the same time being involved in illegal gambling. The American actor participated in some poker games, weekly, with other Hollywood stars.

Shannon Elizabeth, well known for her role in American Pie, revolutionized her career. In addition to becoming a professional poker player, her qualities are visible and well recognized. It should be noted that the actress has already been in Las Vegas to participate in tournaments with some world-class players.

The american actor, Brad Garrett, that participated in the Everybody Loves Raymond series, is also known for being a celebrity very interested in Poker, and there are already those who place him among the 10 most addicted celebrities.

Jamie Foxx had a different casino experience. In 2003, the actor became involved in clashes with the police who were trying to expel him and his sister when they refused to show their IDs at the entrance. Jamie Fox was eventually sentenced to six months in prison, which was reverted to a fine and two years of probation.

Cristiano Ronaldo was also connected to the casino when he played for Manchester United. According to those who frequented 235 Casino, at the time, the Portuguese ace paid 1125 euros to access the VIP suite. Is this a different way to take advantage of the casino’s offers?

Thus, it is possible to conclude that interest in the casino does not choose professions. Even the highest paid and most famous people end up liking the casino or, in the worst case scenario, they end up being addicted to gambling. Thus, always maintaining awareness, anyone enjoys the beautiful experience of playing in a casino.

💰 Does going to casino mean being addicted to gambling?

Just for itself, going to the casino does not mean being addicted. However, going to the casino on an impulsive basis, not having fun and spending more than can be afforded, indicates that the addiction exists.

💰 Are there casinos that offer a trial bankroll?

Yes, several online casinos offer a bankroll for those who want to test. Visit our offer area without the need for a deposit .

💰 Which one is more fun: physical or online casino?

First of all, it is necessary to realize that casino will not be fun for everyone. As people are different, if you want to try it, you are free to do it, but the choice between which is more fun or even if it is fun is an individual decision.

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