CVV code to deposit in Casino, what is it?

In the online world the use of credit cards is more and more frequent, and consumers are increasingly turning to e-commerce to make their purchases. As such, like in the real world, some precautions are necessary to avoid fraud and for the the customers to make their purchase with the greatest possible security.

So, we come to the CVV code, a set of three numbers that are located on the back of a credit card. They are printed below the magnetic stripe and on top of the white rectangle for the signature of the credit card holder.

Is the CVV code safe to use?

Although it is always necessary to make purchases on verified websites, this code provides more security to the consumer, since it has no emboss and does not appear printed or visible on any receipt.

Do all credit card companies have the same nomenclature?

The answer to this question is: No. If the Visa company uses the CVV (Card Verification Value) code, Discovery and American Express call this code CID (Card ID). It should also be noted that Mastercard, in turn, has a CVC (Card Verification Code).

Why is the CVV code important when depositing at my online casino?

As with any purchase, you should always ensure your safety and verified websites always ask for the three numbers referring to the CVV code. As such, online casino sites are no different. They ensure that no one can make a deposit with your card, even if you have the number that appears on the front of the card.

In conclusion, advantages of the CVV code:

– It is not detected by physical contact, as it has no emboss, but is printed;

– It is not registered on any receipt after completing your purchase; – It is another protocol to ensure that your deposit is made with due security.

💰 Should I reveal my CVV to friends?

No, never reveal this code, it is an extra security. If someone knows your card numbers, they can use it online.

💰 Deposit by credit card, is it safe?

Yes, it has a long history of use and in addition, there are insurances from the card operators themselves, which protect you against misuse.

💰 Any deposit method better than by credit card?

Yes, if possible, deposit by bank transfer or Paypal. Paypal is certainly more secure and just as fast.

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