Difference between European roulette and American roulette!

The “queen of the casino”, roulette, can be found in all casinos on the planet, whether online or physical casinos, but it was not always that way, since previously it was only available to the upper class. So, what is the difference between European roulette and American roulette?

In the 17th century, Blaise Pascal invented the first continuous motion machine. The roulette resulted from the merger of the English games Roly-Poly, Reiner, Ace of Hearts and E&O, Italian board games (Hoca and Biribi) and the French “Roullete”.

The European roulette consists of 36 spaces, red and black, and each is assigned a number from 1 to 36. However, it also has a zero space, green, which is the house number, which offers the casino the profit margin in the game. In the case of this type of roulette, the European Roulette, that margin is 2.70%.

The American roulette is completely identical to the European version, it works the same way, a wheel, a table and the same rules. However, there is something that makes it different from European roulette, it contains two green spaces, one for zero and another for the double zero. This small, minimal difference doubles the house margin to 5.26%, however, and in the opposite direction, it offers some types of extra bets to players, such as the five-number bet.

So, normally, players prefer European roulette, which offers a lower house margin, and therefore are more likely to win.

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💰 The casino has more profit with the European roulette or American roulette?

The casino profit margin is bigger in the American roulette, a difference from 5.26% to 2,7%.

💰 Is the roulette the best table game in casinos?

Well, it is known to be the queen pf the casino. We believe it is, as we explain in the article The best table games for casinos.

💰 Which one has more spaces, the American roulette or the European roulette?

The American roulette has 38 spaces, in the other hand the European has 37.

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