Football match interrupted, what happens with the placed bets?

In the case of a football match is interrupted, the most plausible scenario, when it comes to bets, it’s the amount placed on the bet to be returned to the bettor, if the game is not postponed throughout the next 24h. The bookmakers also cancel all the procedures related to that specific event.

What are the conditions for a football game to be interrupted?

  • Unfavorable weather: snow, rain, hail, sand storms etc. These are some examples that can condition the well-functioning of a match, which can lead to its cancelation, until the weather conditions are more favorable.
  • Cases of violence between supporters or players: there are cases where the rivalry increases the tension between players or even supporters. Sometimes this kind of situations create violence that the security force cannot control. In these cases, the organization and the referee team can postpone the game because of lack of conditions.
  • Stadium Maintenance: there can be problems with the stadium that require immediate maintenance, in this case the game is postponed for security reasons. There are also cases life fires inside the stadium that can affect the security and safety of everyone there.

These conditions are not good news for the bettors that usually, when they check that the event in canceled for some reason, and the market stays open, prefer to place new bets to balance the loss. But it’s noteworthy to point out that is very important to wait for new information about the match, because the amount placed on bet can be returned. Don’t do new bets until the market is closed.

The new bettors will have some difficulties in understanding what will happen with their money. There are professional that can help by subscribing to the Betting Academy Youtube channel. A content platform about sports betting, with match analyzing and exclusive tips about betting. Considered one of the largest statistic data base of Portugal and Europe, where they can receive privileged information about the reasons a certain match was canceled and even to what date it was postponed.

For example, if the game was interrupted for meteorological reasons, it can return on the same day. It’s important to know this type of information because it privileges the well-being of the bettor as well as its money.

🍀 Where can I learn about sports betting market?

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🍀 What is the minimum age to gamble or bet in the UK?

The minimum age is 18.

🍀 Is it possible to live only with sports betting?

Yes, it’s possible. But great knowledge in the matter is necessary and you need to understand that there is always the luck factor.

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