How to decide which bookmaker to use?

For a newbie, it might be one of the hardest tasks because options are not missing for the bettors to choose. What brings bettors to choose a bookmaker without previous knowledge? Advertising! Usually, advertising can lead us to make mistakes, that’s why we need to inform ourselves before we place our money on the wrong accounts.

It’s important to analyze and have in mind several factors when choosing a bookmaker:

Be aware of the best deposit and withdrawal services.

It’s important when we expose our personal details, that we know if we’re going to be able to easily withdraw the money we make. It’s in this moment that happen the biggest issues between bettors and bookmakers, specially when there are errors on the servers that causes bugs and the money is not withdrew, but this is also part of the bettor’s experience. There are e-wallets that makes the withdrawals and deposits way easier.

Know what bookmakers provide the best odds

In these situations, we never know which one has the best odds. There are times when an odd is greater than another in some events, so the ideal would be to find a vast offer of games and markets, along with the best odds. With this train of thought, it usually ends with the bettor creating an account in more than one bookmaker to be able to balance the odds weight in certain markets.

Choosing a bookmaker with great customer support

The connection between the user and the house itself is of an extreme importance and it must be fluid, to provide an efficient, fast and helpful conversation, specially in issues resolution.

Bookmakers with a good navigation layout

Layout is an important factor since a fast, fluid and intuitive navigation is important for a good experience. It also allows the bettor to create better conditions to bet, specially for the beginners in the area.

Understand if the bookmaker is secure and safe

The bookmakers on Betting Academy or on BetPortion operate with the due safety measures. It’s a business that involves a lot of money and this is managed the best way possible. There is information about the gaming licenses that the bookmakers need to display properly on their websites to be able to operate.

And for last, the bonus!

There is a vast bonus offer. Bookmakers are constantly doing advertising to their bonus and promotions in order to attract more users. Before you sign up and put the bonus code, is important to real all of the bonus terms and conditions. On the withdrawal there are some restrictions that are very important to read, specially the rollover conditions.

💰 Do all the bookmakers have Welcome Bonus?

No, some bookmakers don’t offer a welcome bonus but they usually have other promotions.

💰 Can I bet or play without depositing?

Yes, some casinos or bookmakers offer a sign up bonus. Here you can check the bookmakers and casinos that offer free spins or bonus.

💰 Where can I learn more about sports betting?

We recommend that you check the Betting Academy, a platform created to guide new bettors with articles and courses.

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