Known Blackjack Strategies

Whenever you sit down at the Blackjack table, pay attention to some parameters:

  • Apply the basic Blackjack strategy

Unlike other casino games where the luck factor stands out, in Blackjack the player can manipulate the course of the game by applying strategies based on the rules of mathematics. But before doing so, you should never use real money, either in online casinos or in real casinos.

  • Practice before you start playing for real money

Following the previous paragraph, you can find several free Blackjack games that will allow you to learn how to use the basic strategy intuitively. Once you have mastered the rules of the game and strategies you will feel more at ease about playing for real money.

  • Knowing how to choose the Blackjack table

The ideal would be to play only in casinos that offer tables where the rules are favorable, that is, where the number of decks of cards is lower. In France, all casinos use 6 decks, while in places like Macau and Las Vegas you will have a wider range of options. In the case of applying card counting, avoid automatic mixers as they make it impossible to practice this system.

  • Strict management

Before thinking about playing Blackjack, first define what amount you want to spend. You should never play to try to make up for any losses and still exceed the amount you set at the start of the match. Consider the money invested as “lost”, that is, it was spent during a leisure time. If you look at Blackjack as fun and respect the limit of your bankroll, you will enjoy the game and maybe win a good amount.

  • Never buy insurance

Buying game insurance is one of the most common mistakes made by players. Buying insurance increases the house’s advantage by 7%.

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💰 With how many decks is Blackjack played?

Blackjack can be played with 1 to 8 decks of 52 cards.

💰 What other name is Blackjack known for?

Blackjack is also known for twenty-one.

💰 How much is worth the Ace in Blackjack?

The Ace can be worth 1 or 11 depending on the cards.

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