What casinos to visit in China?

Gambling is officially illegal under Chinese law. The information in the country is already quite limited, due to its control of the flow of Web browsing, so most Chinese people cannot place bets even online. Of course, they will have to take other measures to be able to play, for example, travel to Macau or Hong Kong.

Macau is the only Chinese region where physical casinos can be visited. That is why it is such a popular place for holidays by the Chinese, considered the Vegas of the East. There are several luxury casinos and these are the biggest tourist attraction in Macau.

The Venetian Casino Resort Macau , which is considered one of the largest casinos in the world, with around 3000 rooms, is a huge, stunning and luxurious space. Inspiried by the city of Venice and also in the city of gambling, Las Vegas. This casino is divided into several areas such as Golden Fish, Imperial Home, Red Dragon and Phoenix, it also has VIP areas and several restaurants.

The Grand Lisboa, or Casino Lisboa, is the first casino in Macau to open with the name of the Portuguese capital. It is not a “Las Vegas” casino, as it has more European presence, thanks to its golden and refined design. With over 230 tables and 880 gaming machines, Casino Lisboa is known for its aesthetics and the many games it offers such as Poker, Blackjack, Sic bo and Roulette.

City of Dreams Macau, has a casino that offers 200 tables and 1200 gaming machines. You can play: Big Whell, Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and Sic Bo. In this complex there is also the Hard Rock Casino, which gives a more frantic appearance.
It also includes 3 hotels, including Crown, Hard Rock and Grand Hyatt, which combined have more than 1000 rooms and a very contemporary decor.

Macau has lots of casinos, to discover 8 incredible casinos you can visit, read the article: What casinos to visit in Macau?

Hong Kong does not have casinos physically housed, but one of the main reasons for the taste for gambling in the region, is related to the existence of a non-profit organization, Hong Kong Jockey Club that manages bets related to sport, entertainment and horse racing. But it is possible to visit casinos on cruises, where thousands of Chinese residents live in Hong Kong, such as the Silversea ship that brings the concept of Silversea Shadow Casino with various games of chance, BlackJack, Poker, American Roulette and much more. The Celebrity Millennium Cruise Ship with Fortunes Casino, is one of the main ships that houses the largest number of Chinese, who explore the casino and the gambling a lot, and have specific hours to do so, when the ship is already in international waters .

You can also visit the Hong Kong House of Poker, very focused on this game, but with lots of extra entertainment attractions. And the Holland America Volendam cruise line, which represents the largest operational casinos in the autonomous region, with lots of gambling options and a modern and fun style.

💰 What is the minimum age required to play in casinos in Hong Kong?

In Hong Kong casinos, people with age below 18 can’t enter. Besides that, only people above 21 years old can play.

💰 What’s the minimum age required to gamble in Macau?

In Macau, the minimum age to play in casinos is 21.

💰 As a foreigner, can I play at casinos in China?

In China casinos are not allowed. However, in Macau and hong Kong you can play in casinos as a foreigner.

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