Where can I find sports betting tips?

There are several sports betting tips that can be interesting to newer bettors, specially in a platform dedicated to sports betting:

The Betting Academy!

What advantages does it offer?

  • The possibility of offering the best bonuses through the bookmakers!
  • The best statistic data base of all the leagues in the world, as well as the classifications of the main football leagues, like the Portuguese, Spanish, English, Italian and German. On other types of leagues the information is not as much detailed, because of the lack of information but it’s possible to gather interesting information about inferior leagues. It also offers, for example, statistics about the number of goals per time slot (every 15 minutes) and other global statistics and information that helps to create a prognostic in the moment.
  • The possibility of accessing daily prognostics that can help bettors to make a more detailed decision at the time of betting. The prognostics come with a prediction that usually informs about the moment of the teams, the type of game and what happened in the last 5 events of each team. In the end it’s placed a betting suggestion.
  • It offers the possibility to make a TIP with a justification (which is optional) to be able to join a free TIP contest where the bettors can win prizes provided by the Betting Academy, when the best tippers are elected.
  • The Online Betting Academy provides a forum with a lot of information about sports betting, exchange of knowledge between bettors about the sports they are specialized with and information about used softwares in probability calculations.
  • It provides Paulo Rebelo’s calculator (one of the most famous bettors in Portugal and the whole world) where you can calculate your profit and minimize your losses.
  • It offers articles with content related to sports betting, poker and E-Sports markets. This type of content can help new bettors to gather useful information to improve work methods, decision making and, above all, bank managing.
  • It also has a Youtube Chanel with personalized support to the bettors, with prognostics and betting suggestions based on a live sport event.
💰 Who is Paulo Rebelo?

Paulo Rebelo is one of the most famous traders in the world. He wrote several sports betting books and provides a sports betting course in the Betting Academy Website where he shares his knowledge and experience.

💰 Can I win money with sports betting?

Yes, of course. We have the perfect article for you to learn about how you can start to win money with sports betting!

💰 Is sports betting legal in the UK?

Yes, sports betting is legal and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, although you must have more than 18 years old.

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