Which casinos to visit in Cape Verde?

Cape Verde is also an archipelago that is 455 km away from the Cape of Senegal and bathed by the Atlantic Ocean. The country’s official language is Portuguese, although several Creoles are spoken on the islands. The capital, Praia, is the country’s largest city.

The Cape Verdean economy focuses mainly on tourism and foreign investment. The population of more than 550 thousand inhabitants is known for their docile culture, they are kind, simple, fun people and always willing to socialize at the table or on the dance floor. Visitors to this country benefit from the desirable warm climate all year round, the paradisiacal landscapes and the rich culture that surrounds Cape Verde.

This country, derived from its strong potential in the field of tourism, has also stood out for its future entry into gambling . Chinese and German investors are looking to create businesses and build infrastructure within the country, such as hotels and casinos, which tend to draw more tourists to this destination.

The introduction of games of chance in Cape Verde could be a crucial turning point for the country’s economic revenue. In order to increase tourism in the country, it is necessary to enter investments that can achieve the idealized: a modernized architecture in spaces that can offer the client a complete service, with luxurious resorts and integrated casinos. There are projects to accomplish these feats that intend to turn Cape Verde into a more attractive destination for tourists looking for luxury holidays.

Managed by the Senador Group, which is a company with interests spread all over the world, Cape Verde’s first casino, Casino Royal, is located at Avenida dos Hotéis, Santa Maria. It is located on Ilha do Sal, which is considered the area with the best beaches in Cape Verde, where the landscape is clearly stunning. The investors of this casino wanted to offer several reasons for tourists to feel at a fascinating place.

With an investment of around 5 million euros, Royal is a casino of excellence that accepts any type of gambler, from beginners to the most advanced. A service open 24 hours a day that offers excellent customer service. It also has a free shuttle service, with specific times, for the customers staying at a nearby hotel. With first class entertainment, it is a space that aims to make the gambling experience unique.

A space that welcomes many visitors daily, including Cape Verdeans and foreigners, the casino has 117 machines and 11 gaming tables with Roulette, Blackjack, Cape Verde Poker and Texas Hold’em Poker.

💰 Where can I visit Royal Casino?

You can visit this great casino in Cabo Verde, Avenida dos Hoteis, Santa Maria, Cape Verde.

💰 What other casinos can I visit in Africa?

We have an article showing which casinos to visit in Africa!

💰 When did Royal Casino open?

Royal Casino was already experimenting since 2016 but only opened doors to the public in 2017.

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