Which casinos to visit in Cyprus?

Most of the casinos in Cyprus are located in the north of the country, and those in the south are forced to travel to enjoy the best that gambling has to offer.

Much of the nearly 30 casinos in the north are located by the sea, in Kyrenia with few on the coastal peninsula Bafra and further south along the Famagusta coast. On the other hand, casinos in the interior are more centered in Nicosia.

Major casino resorts include Rocks Hotel & Casino e o Arkin Colony Hotel & Casino, in Kyrenia. In the east are the Cratos Premium Hotel & Casino, o Acapulco Beach Club & Resort and Malpas Hotel & Casino, in Çatalkoy.

In Nicosia there are half the number of Kyrenia’s casinos, however, it is possible to visit the luxurious Golden Tulip and the Merit Leftkosa Hotel & Casino. The Nicosia Racecourse is also located in this city, home to major races, such as: Cyprus Derby and Cyprus Turf Club Cup.

Below we will make a list of some of the casinos in Cyprus and understand what are the main reasons that lead visitors to look for these places.

Casino Liman

This casino located in Kyrenia opened in 1987. Casino Liman is open 24 hours a day, that is, even for those who are not within normal hours, it is possible to enjoy a beautiful moment of gaming. In this space it is still possible to find a restaurant, the Casino Liman Restaurant, being the reviews from visitors quite positive.

From a gaming perspective, Casino Liman is equipped with over 350 slot machines and 12 gambling tables, which include American roulette, blackjack and poker games. For those who want to stay in the space, can do so in the part of the hotel, which has 16 standard rooms, 5 personalized rooms and 11 suites.

Cratos Premium Casino

This beautiful casino located in Çatalkoy, in northern Cyprus, opened in July 2010. Cratos Premium Casino is part of a resort complex, where you can stay in one of the 420 hotel rooms.

In addition to the 267 slot machines and 34 gaming tables, Cratos Premium Casino also offers a VIP area, where football and horse racing fans can do their bets. In this space there is only one baccarat table that is almost always reserved for high value bets.

💰 Where is Casino Liman located?

You can visit the casino at Ecevit Cd, Girne 99300, Cyprus.

💰 Are casinos legal in Cyprus?

Yes, casinos are legal in this country.

💰 What other casinos can I visit in Europe?

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