Which casinos to visit in Ghana?

Ghana is a country that belongs to West Africa, bordering Burkina Faso, Togo and Ivory Coast.

The word “Ghana” means warrior, which clearly describes a characteristic of its people. With about 25 million inhabitants, it is a country with a history and culture in the area of weaving, which is highly valued by tourists. Ghana is considered the best agricultural producer in all of Africa, with cocoa and pineapple being the main exported products, which significantly develop the country’s economic income.

The country’s official language is English and its capital Accra, is known for being one of the largest cities in the country, where you can find plenty of entertainment such as hotels, resorts, beaches, palm trees and a very warm sea. A perfect climate for surfing, boating and above all enjoying meals on the beach.

What’s left to complete a night of fun? A little luck, in its casinos of course. In this country, several types of gambling is allowed, namely the use of casinos, betting on lottery, online casinos and sports betting.

Here are the best casinos you can find in Ghana:

La Palm Casino

It is located at the La Palm hotel in the capital of Ghana, Accra. Managed by the company KaiRo Internacional , this casino was one of the country’s largest investments in the gambling, leisure and entertainment industry. It was considered as one of the best casinos in Africa. You can enjoy a relaxed evening with a total of 63 machines and 5 gambling tables with Roulette, Poker and Blackjack. The space wants to captivate the client with an excellent staff, a first quality service and a lot of security in the bets.

Piccadilly Casino

This casino was an expansion of KaiRo Internacional’s operations , and is located in the heart of Osu, one of the busiest areas of the capital Accra. A space with a clear inspiration in London, as Ghana was a colony of the English. The casino offers 69 machines and 7 gaming tables with Roulette, Poker, Blackjack and an area for sports betting.

Golden Dragon Casino (Osu, Ghana)

Located in Oxford Shopping Mall, on Oxford Street which is one of the busiest areas in Osu, Accra.

This casino is managed by Millionares Gaming Africa, a group that manages several casinos in the country, with Golden Dragon Casino, Osu , being the largest. Its activity is governed by the security of gaming operations, which is a point that clearly stands out in its casinos. It offers 81 machines and 14 gaming tables, with Roulette, Blackjack and Poker (varied styles).

💰 Where is Piccadilly Casino located?

You can visit the casino here Dr Esther Ocloo St, Accra, Ghana.

💰 Where is Golden Dragon Casino (Osu, Ghana) located?

The casino is located at Accra, Ghana.

💰 What other casinos can I visit in Africa?

Here is a list of some casinos to visit in Africa!

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