Which casinos to visit in Romania?

With the grandiose capital of Bucharest, Romania is a country with a predominantly temperate climate. In rapid development and growth, Romania relies on tourism as a contributing activity to the economy. During both summer and winter, there are many stunning cities to visit, due to their natural landscapes and rich histories.

It is an Eastern European country, clearly known for its focus on rural tourism that is closely associated with natural thermal Spas, medieval cities, stunning villages and vast forests.

In big Romanian cities, entertainment is very much focused, as in European cities, on restaurants, luxury hotels and huge casinos.

There is a great demand for casinos by Romanian hosts and tourists:

Casino Palace – Casa Vernescu

Located in the heart of Bucharest, Casino Palace lives on Calea Victoriei Street, which is one of the most beautiful streets in the city and is in a very busy area.

It offers a fantastic experience for those who like the best comfort, in a welcoming environment of quality and luxury. It is an attractive, illustrative space with international cuisine and offers exclusivity to high stakes gamblers . The Palace Slots area offers a variety of gaming machines where you can enjoy a gaming table area that includes Poker, Blackjack and Roulette.

Grand Casino Bucharest

Located in the center of Bucharest, it is one of the most exclusive areas in the city, offering the gambler an experience of relaxation and first class games. With perfect leisure combinations, this space, in addition to the casino, also offers sports clubs and a wellness Spa. With the support of restaurants where you can enjoy traditional Romanian, Mediterranean, Italian, Lebanese or Asian cuisine. With more than 160 gaming machines and tables with American Roulette, Caribbean STUD, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Texas Hold’em Poker and finally Blackjack. You can also enjoy a drink or snack at the casino bar.

Fortuna Palace Luxury Games

It is the only casino in Bucharest that is clearly inspired by the beauty and exuberance of what you see in Las Vegas . It is a space that offers a complete offer with excellent service and delicious meals in its luxury restaurant. With an extensive area of 1600m2, it is a casino that focuses a lot on exclusivity, offering several VIP rooms. With over 110 machines, 2 electronic roulette wheels and several gaming tables. The casino also offers loyalty cards with several different titles: red, silver, gold and VIP. Where the red indicates that the customer is a new player and the VIP, the most loyal and frequent customer.

💰 Where is Casino Palace – Casa Vernescu located?

The casino is located at Calea Victoriei 133, București 010071, Romania.

💰 Where is Grand Casino Bucharest located?

The casino is located at In incinta hotelului Marriott, Calea 13 Septembrie 90, București 061165, Romania.

💰 Which other casinos can I visit in Europe?

We have the answer to your question here! This article has some of the most popular casinos in Europe.

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