7 must-read books on sports betting

The world of betting has grown considerably and over the past few years several books have been published with this theme. As a result, our team collected SEVEN mandatory titles for gamblers.
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Ganhar com as  Apostas Desportivas by Paulo Rebelo

Paulo Rebelo, tries to pass on his experience and his real life case. Various formulas, graphics, tips and tricks to go even further as a sports bettor.

Manual das Apostas Desportivas by Paulo Rebelo

Book of tips and practical case studies on how to become independent as a sports bettor. In this book, Paulo Rebelo, gathers more than 80 questions and answers that can help the reader to succeed in betting.

Trading de Apostas Desportivas by Gonçalo Roseiro

In this book the author shows some strategies for getting started in the world of risk-free betting, learning the best strategies available on the market. This work was developed with the objective of simplifying the reader’s introduction to the betting world.

Fooled by Randomness – The Hidden Role of Chance in Life and in the Markets by Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The author focuses on the financial industry, but we can switch investors for bettors, he has already exposed many of the supposed experts, through the use of the theory of probabilities, statistics and behavioral biases. In this book, Massim also tries to convey the dangers of following the “herd” of the self-called profitable gamblers and extols the virtues of people developing their own models.

Trading in the zone by Mark Douglas

Like the previous suggestion, this book is written for the financial market, but it can be very well adapted to the reality of sports betting, especially for trading. The author stresses the importance of analyzing the results in the long term and that in order to have a healthy journey in this world of bets, whether financial or not, we need to develop strategies that are aligned with our logical reasoning.

Mastering Tennis Trading by Dan Weston

Tennis is a sport that has grown more in recent years, and in this book the author shows how through trading we can achieve high levels of profit. Throughout the book, Dan addresses several important issues in the development of a tennis match and that like traders, they can take advantage of these types of situations to profit in the short, medium and long term.

The Logic Of Sports Betting by Ed Miller and Matthew Davidow

The Logic Of Sports Betting por [Miller, Ed, Davidow, Matthew]

The Logic of Sports Betting is a book with a hint of humor, which questions the reader on how to calculate the odds for each event, how to bet with value and even what is the best type of bet for each betting profile among other topics.

💰 Who is Paulo Rebelo?

Paulo Rebelo, is one of the most respected gamblers worldwide. One of the best, who says it is Betfair itself.

💰 Which of Paulo Rebelo’s two books is better?

The answer will depend on each person, both are good books and help both beginners and more experienced bettors. Our recommendation is to read both.

💰 Why are there books that are both for betting and trading?

In sports betting, we also have the betting trading side. However, trading, even financial, gives good notions to any type of bettor. For some reason, it is common to say that people bet on the stock market.

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