Good American football movies

The great sport of American football is, increasingly, gaining prominence in several regions. Even taking into account all bias and cultural barriers, this sport manages to win athletes and fans. Still, even for those who are not in the sport, this is an excellent opportunity to find out more about this it. Here are some examples of good american football movies:

We Are Marshall (2006) (IMDB 7.1 / 10)

This fantastic film manages to mix drama with sport. In 1970, Marshall University and the modest city of Huntington were devastated when 75 of football players and some employees died in a plane crash. So, in the attempt to rehabilitate, in March 1971, the new coach Jack Lengyel takes charge and the main mission is to try to heal a community that is in mourning.

Any Given Sunday (1999) (IMDB 6.9 / 10)

Another great film that joins sport and drama. The Miami Sharks, led by coach Damato, were at the top for four years, but at the moment the team is in serious trouble, which leaves the coach in a very vulnerable situation. The club’s young president and co-owner asks for justification and Damato’s work is almost undermined. In addition, the coach also has other family problems, such as his failed marriage.

Remember the Titans (2000) (IMDB 7.8 / 10)

In 1971, the principal of a school in the state of Virginia, was forced to place black teenagers in a white school. So, in order to carry out this task, the principal ends up hiring a black coach, Herman Boone, to lead the institution’s football team. The euphoria generated by the famous sport is put to the test by the racial tension generated. The black coach Boone suffers from a lot of prejudice, not only from the coaches of other teams, but also from his players.

💰 What is a kickoff in American football?

A kickoff is the first kick on the ball, in the beginning of the game.

💰 How much is each yard in American football?

Each yard is 0,9144 metros.

💰 How many yards does an American football field have?

An American football field has 120 yards (wich are 109,7 metros) of length per 53,5 yards (48,92 metros).

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