Good Netflix Casino Movies

Casino films are very popular, considering that there take place high value bets and absolutely incredible schemes. However, within the casino films there are several types and some of them use the game just as another factor of the play itself. Below are some good casino movies from Netflix, which will undoubtedly entice you and glue you to the screen:

Ocean’s Eleven is a police comedy, released in 2001. In this film, the main character Danny is addicted to action, and after 24 hours of leaving the prison where he was confined in, in New Jersey, he already has a new plan to put into practice: this time he goes to rob three Las Vegas casinos in the same night. For that, Danny Ocean ends up assembling a multidisciplined team of 11 elements to carry out such a plan. Still, there are well-defined rules attached to this plan: don’t steal anyone who doesn’t deserve it, don’t hurt anyone and follow the plan to the letter.

Win It All is a beautiful film from the United States, premiered in 2017. In this play, the main character Garrett is left to keep a suitcase from an acquaintance who is on his way to prison to serve his sentence. However, when he realizes that the suitcase contains money, Eddie does not resist the temptation and begins to bet money that doesn’t belong to him. When the character mainly realizes that the prisoner, who owns the suitcase, is going to be released sooner, a real race against time begins to recover the lost money.

Smokin’ Aces is a movie from the United States, released in 2008. In this play, Ben Campbell is an exemplary student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. However, at some point, this student finds it very difficult to pay for college benefits and joins a group of students led by Professor Mickey Rosa whose purpose is to earn money in Las Vegas casinos. However, not everything goes as planned when there is someone who discovers that this group of students is using mathematical schemes to take advantage and earn more money than would be normal.

These are some films that, in their own way, include the world of casinos. If on the one hand we have films where the main character is simply addicted and always loses, on the other, there are plots where schemes are made to take advantage of these playing spaces.

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💰 In what state of the United States is Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is in the desert of Mojave, Nevada.

💰Where can i play a little bit with casinos?

Casinos are a serious thing that can lead to addiction. However we should only play when we are having fun, only. In our website you can check a list with free offers with no deposit required!

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