Simple bets or Multiple Bets?

The difference between simple bets and multiple bets is pretty easy to understand, let’s see:

  • Simple Bets: as the name says, these are bets that only involves one event, for example a simple bet on the victory on team A with an odd of 2.00.

That is, if you bet £5 on Team A with the odds 2.00 (around 50% of winning probability), the profit will be £10.

  • Multiple Bets: this type of bets involves several events in only one bet. For example, on a multiple bet of 3 different events: on team A with 2.00 odds (around 50% chances of winning), on Draw on team B with 2.50 (around 40% of winning) and the victory on team C with 3.50 (around 28,5% of winnings).

Team A wins – 2.00

Team B draws – 2.50

Team C wins – 3.50

That is, the total odd would be 17.50 (because you multiply the three odds). So, the probability of winning this multiple bet would be of 5.7%.

Simple bets are considered to be safer bets because the probability of winning are way higher than multiple bets. The more odds you add on a multiple, the lower is your chances to win. But, as a consequence, the profit will be tremendous in the case the bet is a winner.

Multiple bets are interesting if there are two or three games with the same value where the odds are incredibly desirable. This can be a great opportunity of winning big money.

Multiple bets are highly lucrative and less likely of being corresponded unlike simple bets that are less profitable, but way more likely to be corresponded.

Using the previous example: if you invest £10 on a multiple bet, it’s not the same as dividing those £10 in three simple bets.

We explain:

Team A wins, with 2.00 odd – investment £3.33

Team B draws, with 2.50 odd – investment £3.33

Team C wins, with 3.50 odd – investment £3.33

Placing three simple bets, the total profit of each bet will be £6.60 on team A + £8.25 on team B and £11.55 on team C = £26.4. The profit represents around 15% of the multiple bet profit which, if it wins, will be of £175. Of course that the probability of the three events happen has predicted is way lower than only one of them to be corresponded on a single bet.

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