How Multiple Bets Work

Multiple bets allow the bettor to combine several bets into one, boosting their profit if they win. The total share of the multiple bet is the result of multiplying all the odds of each individual bet.


               Match 1: Benfica – Boavista | Individual bet: Benfica win at halftime | Odd: 1.50

               Match 2: Porto – Sporting | Individual bet: More than 2.5 goals | Odd: 2.00

               Match 3: Real Madrid – Barcelona | Individual bet: Both Score | Odd: 1.90

If we select the three hypotheses in this example, we will have to multiply the odd for Game 1, the odd for Game 2 and the odd for Game 3.

That is, the multiple bet, in this case, would have an odd of:

               1.50 * 2.00 * 1.90 = 5.7

It means, then, that if you bet € 10 on this multiple and if all events turn out to be winners, you’ll win € 57.

Bearing in mind that this is a high odd, it means that the probability of winning is lower. In other words, normally, the amount invested in multiple bets turns out to be residual, and many bettors try the “Jackpot luck” by placing several games on the same multiple bet, generating odds above 100.

Bear in mind that for a multiple bet to have a positive expected value, it means that all individual bets belonging to that group must also be of a positive expected value. This means that the choice of bet for each game must be individually studied and the odd should, in itself, offset the investment risk.

It should be noted that there are multiple bets that allow the bettor to miss a result, however, it will directly influence the odd that the bookmaker makes available to its client.

We hope the article has helped you to understand how multiple bets work. Don’t forget to see our bankroll with no deposit offer listings.

💰 What is the main mistake when placing a multiple bet?

The main mistake of multi bettors is not to consider each bet as an individual bet. In other words, each of the bets, by itself, needs to have value and cannot be added to the multiple just because.

💰 Which bookmakers accept multiple bets?

This question is simple to answer. All houses accept multiple bets.

💰 What is the best bookmaker for placing multiple bets?

Well, you must be registered in the largest number of houses and you must calculate the odd of the multiple to find out which house pays you the most. As long as it is a legal trader, accept that house for that bet.

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