What is a single bet?

The simple bet is the most “simple” way to place a bet, as all you have to do is select the event you want to bet on and set the amount to bet. If this result occurs at the end of the regular time, you will gain the value corresponding to the entry odd. The winnings are calculated by multiplying the odd-1 by the bet amount.

Let’s take to the examples:

In this case, when choosing the option of victory for the home team, at 1.63, we would win about 63% of the stake, in practical terms for each € bet, we would receive 0.63 €.

In the case of a tie, the prize received for each € wagered would be equivalent to € 2.60, as mentioned in the formula: stake bet multiplied by the quote -1. Finally, if the value was on the side of the visiting team, we would receive about 4.30 € for each € invested, which is the option with the highest return, but also the greatest risk in this 1X2 market, or the winner’s market as it is also known.

It should be noted that, in order to be profitable in the long run, simple bets, or another variant, must have a positive expected value, which in short is when the premium we receive is greater than the risk.

We hope this article has helped you to understand how these types of bets work and don’t forget to go through our offers section without the need for a deposit.

What is the main mistake in single bets?

Although this type of betting is one of the easiest to make, it is also the one that attracts the most mistakes on the part of beginners, above all, for not knowing the concept of positive expected value, as already explained in this article, but to recap, we must always bet that the prize received is more likely than to lose our bet. 

How much should my initial investment be?

The initial amount is something personal, which will depend from person to person, since, in the first stage, the most “normal” will be that this money does not return to your checking account.

What is the best bookmaker to deposit my money?

It depends on the markets that you bet on or in which variant you invest, as there may be more likely houses than others, but, as a general rule, we recommend that you have more than one bookmaker, as long as it is a legal operator, as in some cases a house you can pay more or constantly offer advantageous promotions for your growth as a bettor.

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