What is the meaning of Draw no Bet?

In this article, we will talk about one of the best known markets when it comes to betting on one team or another, DNB. Draw No Bet, is one of the ways, among many others, of betting on a bookmaker. In this case, what differs from this market to the others is the fact that we reduce our risk in case the game is tied. Throughout this article you will get to know not only the market, but tips for exploring this market. So, what is the meaning of Draw no Bet and how does the market work?

The Draw No Bet market is a good alternative to the 1 × 2 market or also known as the “Winner” market, since we were also able to bet on the triumph of one of the teams, only in this market, the tie is not counted, being a good way to reduce the risk in those games that the favorite had good chances of winning, but ended up tied. Let’s practice:

As we can see in the image above, this market offers two options, one for the victory of the home team and another for the triumph of the visitors. If we are convinced that the home team has more arguments to win, we can bet on this team at 1.50 , and if we win we will win 50% of the bet. However, if the match ended with the victory of the visitors, our bet was lost. But, unlike the 1 × 2 market, the tie favors the bettor, since if the game ends with an equal score, the bettor gets back the stake.  

As mentioned earlier, as this market offers two favorable options to the bettor, the return is smaller in comparison with other markets, such as the “Winner” market. The potential gains are directly proportional to the risks.


The Draw no Bet market is one of the most advisable markets for bettors who have a more conservative profile. However, less risk also means less return, compared to the bet. 

This market, like any other, can be profitable and valuable, if applied as we have already discussed in other articles, the concept of positive expected value in our bets. If you are interested in exploring this market, we recommend developing a strategy depending on the game and favorite. For this we recommend using a statistical platform such as the Online Betting Academy website .

💰 Is Draw no Bet market of a conservative profile?

Just as explained in the article, usually, when a bettor is more conservative, he can choose from Draw no Bet market instead of betting on the winner.

💰 How many betting options does the DNB market has?

There are two options, the home team and the visitor.

💰 What happens with the DNB is there is a draw?

In case of a draw, the betting value is returned to the bettor.

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