Do you know what combined bets are?

Contrary to what many people think, combined bets are different from multiple bets, although in both cases they allow for a small investment to have big returns. Combined bets are a set of multiple bets on one or more sporting events. The great advantage of this type of betting is the fact that by adding the different probabilities of several events, we are also significantly increasing our potential profit.

In combined bets, the profit is the multiplication of the odds value of all bets. However, as we are multiplying probabilities, our chances of winning these types of combinations compared to single bets are usually smaller. 

In this world of betting, there are several types of combined bets, with different types of results and rules. However, you need to be aware that from house to house the names and rules may change.

Here are some examples to make it easier to understand this type of bet:

Trixie – four bets combining three different games as follows: three doubles and one triple. To get some profit out of this method, we need to make at least two bets;

Patent – seven bets combining three different events as follows: a single bet per guess, three multiples of two and a multiple of three. To profit, we need to win one of the predictions;

Yankee – eleven bets combining four different events: six doubles, four triples and a quadruple. To guarantee a return, we will have to get at least two predictions right;

Heinz – fifty-seven bets formed from six events: fifteen multiples of two, twenty multiples of three, fifteen multiples of four and one, multiple of six. To guarantee a profit, we need at least two right predictions,

Goliath – 247 bets (!) Mixing eight different events as follows: twenty-eight multiples of two, fifty-six multiples of three, seventy multiples of four, fifty-six multiples of five, twenty-eight multiples of six, eight multiples seven and one, multiple of eight. At least two predictions must be right for us to make a profit.

These are the most popular combinations found at bookmakers, now that you are familiar with this type of betting, you are ready to start.

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