The market for Over/Under goals

The market for Over/Under goals is one of the most popular within sports betting. This popularity is directly linked to the fact that the bettor is not dependent on the result, who will win or lose the match, but on the performance of the teams in relation to the number of goals. Very schematically, this market structures the probability that x or y goals will occur during a football match, or over periods.

Let’s use the match between Hoffeinhem and Hertha Berlin, to exemplify how this market works.

If the reader was fully convinced that this event had a high probability of ending with more than two goals, he could bet on the Over 2.5 goal side, which in this box that we are using for the example, is 1.74. When a result exceeds two goals, our bet would be given as a winner, thus receiving 74% of the investment. However, if you read it in the opposite direction, you could bet the Odd Under 2.5 goals at 2.00. In this scenario, the combined results had to be less than two goals.

Usually, what causes more confusion to bettors is the decimal place, ahead of the goal market, in the example above 2.5. This half goal, was one of the solutions that the houses found to make it easier to reach the fairest quotations for a given meeting and also when paying the winners, since there are two options, either win or lose

Conclusions The goal market, like any other, needs to be analyzed and studied, one of the recommended platforms for this purpose is the onlinebettingacademy.com website. Where you can find statistics sheets for the various matches and identify with positive expected value, stocks in this goal market. However, if you are still getting started in this world of sports betting, we recommend that you go through our section of material dedicated to this topic to get to know more about this world.

💰 Summing up, what are the Over/Under bets?

In the market for Over/Under goals the bettor is not dependent on the result, who will win or lose the match, but on the number of goals of each team.

💰 How can I place an Over/Under bet?

It will always depend on the bookmaker you’re betting on. Each bookmakers have their range of types of bet.

💰 How many types of bets do bookmakers in the UK offer?

UK bookmakers offer around 30 types of bets. Which types of bets they offer will depend on each bookmaker and each sport.

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