Which casinos to visit in Argentina?

A fantastic country with unmissable landscapes, Argentina is an incredible place to visit. It is the second largest country in South America and has a great tourist offer, such as several luxury hotels, exotic cuisine, historic and sporting attractions and of course the gambling houses. Casinos and bookmakers reflect a great revenue for the Argentine government, so it promises a diverse and attractive offer to attract immense tourists. So, which casinos to visit in Argentina?

Casino Puerto Madero, Buenos Aires

It is a very popular casino in the city, consisting of 120 tables and 1400 gaming machines. Close to the port of Buenos Aires, a very busy place and always full of tourists. The Casino Puerto Madero also offers other entertainment options such as a commercial space for shopping and a gourmet restaurant, open 24 hours a day.

Casino City Center, Rosario

It is a casino with a leisure offer of excellence and comfort for the bettor, which has 3000 impressive slot machines, 50 game tables, VIP rooms, exclusive rooms for Poker, bars and live events.

Casino Central, Mar del Plata

The favorite of gambling enthusiasts, this casino offers the gambler about 700 machines and 100 gambling tables. With the refined restaurant, Bristol Besto and a great location, close to the Bristol beach, it is a real leisure space.

Trilenium Casino

It is a casino that offers its players a unique experience, with 74 different gaming tables and 1800 gaming machines. For the lovers of delicacies, this casino offers different gastronomic spaces that satisfy all tastes, and finally, first-class live events.

Villa Carlos Paz Casino

Composed of slot machines that involve the whole environment and gaming tables that contain games such as Roulette, Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, BCM Roulette, Craps and Poker Texas Hold'em. This casino also offers bettors the possibility to play bingo. One of the main reasons why many tourists visit is the fact that it is located near the shore of Lago de San Roque , which makes the casino more attractive for tourists.

Newtronic Casinos

It is possible to find several casinos belonging to this group, which is a company that survives from Argentine capital, dedicated mainly to entertainment. The Newtronic centralizes leisure integrated with the casino, gastronomy and tourism. They offer a service of quality and comfort, respecting above all historical and cultural values and cooperating with the economic development of each region.

Its main casinos are: Casino Gualeguaychu (which is the best known) and Casino Colón. They are known for creating great recent options such as French Roulette, offering one of the main areas for gambling, combined with a luxury and comfort that the visitor can enjoy.

💰 Which one is the biggest casino in Argentina?

The biggest casino in Argentina is the Trilenium Casino with 22000 square meters, three tiers and over 70 table games and 1800 slot machines inside.

💰 Where is Trilenium Casino located?

The casino is located at Perú 1385, Tigre, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina.

💰 What are other famous casinos in Latin America?

You can check here the most popular casinos in Latin America!

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