5 most famous poker movies

Poker is a game that combines skill, luck and risk: a formula that took people from every continent to experience this game. If you are passionate by this game, you cannot miss these five films that we brought you.

Kid Poker (2015)

We open our list with a documentary produced by PokerStars , which tells the story of Daniel Negreanu, one of the greatest poker players of all time.

All In: The Poker Movie (2009) (IMDB 6.7/10)

A documentary focused on why one of the oldest games in America has had a renaissance in recent years, and why for many people poker is a way to achieve the American Dream.

Deal (2008) (IMDB 5.4/10)

The Deal tells the story of Tommy Vinson, a former poker player who gave up the game 30 years ago, when his wife, Helen, threatened to leave him. But fate brought a way for Tommy to return to the big poker rooms, this time as Alex’s instructor, a player on the rise, but with a lot to learn. However, a girl hired by Tommy threatens their lucrative relationship when Alex Stillman discovers the truth. 

Rounders (1998) (IMDB 7.3/10) 

This film tells the story of Mike (Matt Damon) a talented poker player who lost all the money that was destined to pay for his studies, in the game. Deciding to move away from the gaming tables and get a real job. However, fate played a trick on him when his best friend gets out of prison and needs money, returning the old times duo to the game tables, in order to cover their friend’s debts.

Lucky You (2007) (IMDB 5.9/10)

This work tells the story of Huck Cheever, a talented poker player, who aspires to play in the world cup in Las Vegas, but for that he has to go through several stages, especially in his intense love relationship. Upon reaching the final table, he will face another of his biggest problems, his father, a poker legend who abandoned Huck’s mother since he was a child.

💰 Is poker better online or in real life?

This is a hard question to answer. Online poker is much faster, besides, you can be in more than one table at the same time. Poker in real life has more glamour, you can face the people you’re playing against with. We think it depends on each ones profile.

💰 Is it easy to play online poker?

It’s easy to play online poker or real-life poker. The rules are pretty easy. Now, from being easy to play to being easy to win, depends on each player.

💰 How much Money do I need to start playing poker?

Pretty much none. You can download a poker software, for exemple, Pokerstars and start trying even without deposit. There are free tournaments or even tournaments where the value entry is very low.

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