5 sports betting themed movies

The world of sports betting has already originated several films, where real stories and others of pure fiction are shown and we have brought a list of five films for lovers of this activity.

Diggstown (1992) (IMDB 7.0/10) 

Considered as one of the best sports betting films, it addresses the positive and negative effects of betting, involving a lot of action.

Two for the Money (2005) (IMDB 6.3/10)

This film portrays the life of an American football player, Brandon Lang who, after suffering a knee injury, sees his life going backwards, but through his ability to predict the outcome of games leads to an unexpected new career. Walter Abrams (Al Pacino), owner of one of the largest sports consulting networks in the country, hires the former athlete who quickly proves to be a precious triumph for Walter. Until, from one moment to the next, Bradon becomes a threat in Walter’s life.

Bookies (2003) (IMDB 6.0/10)

Gamblers, is centered on four college friends who enter into the world of sports betting, and this one shows many faces and many dangers when you are not responsible. 

Eight Men Out (1988) (IMDB 7.2/10)

This title is based on a true story from 1919, which involves the Chicago White Sox team, showing viewers the dirty side of the sport, with gamblers playing an important role in this chapter. In addition, this film shows one of the most scandalous events in the history of baseball. 

The Gambler (1974) (IMDB 7.2/10) 

This film reveals the challenges in a gambler’s life, who became addicted in basketball betting. It should be noted that this film is seen as one of the most realistic betting films ever made.

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💰 I’m new in sports betting, how can I learn more about it?

Most of bookmakers are pretty intuitive and have a FAQ for most begginers questions. However, you can check Betting Academy for a more detailed course on learning how to bet.

💰 Who regulates sports betting in the UK?

In the UK the entity that regulates sports betting is the Gambling Commission.

💰 So is sports betting legal in the UK?

Yes, sports betting is legal in the UK if you are older than 18 years old. However, be sure you start betting in a licenced bookmaker.

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