American or European Blackjack, which should you play on an online casino to be a winner?

In blackjack games, whether in physical casinos or online casinos, there are different rules. However, most of these changes in the rules are based on the two main versions of the game: American and European.

In both versions the basic rules are the same, however, it is fundamental that players understand what these differences are and how they can influence the way they play and the choice of one strategy over another.


** The Hole Card
The Hole card only exists in the American version. The dealer is dealt 2 cards, one facing down and one facing up. And it’s this hidden card that is called ‘Hole Card’. The croupier is allowed to take look to see what the card is.

In the event that the sum of the two cards reaches blackjack, that is, 21 points, the dealer will know, the hand will be completed immediately and the bets of the players will be collected by the dealer.

In turn, in European blackjack there is no hidden card. The croupier receives only one card facing up and will only have the second card after completing the hands of all players.
This situation makes it impossible for the dealer to confirm that he has blackjack, before each of the participants makes his move.

Thus, we can identify as an advantage the fact that, considering the hidden card and the play to end if the dealer gets a blackjack, this will safeguard additional losses on the part of the players. For example, in case of a double bet or two-handed card split. Another example of a risk bet would be to double the bet amount when the croupier has the Ace as a face-up card!

** Playing Cards Sets
While in European blackjack, the usual is to use 2 sets of decks, in the case of American the normal is to use 6 to 8 decks.

In this situation, the advantage is on the side of the house, because the larger the number of decks used, the more difficult it becomes to count the cards.

** Doubling down
Doubling down occurs on the initial request, when the player believes that his cards are better than the dealer’s. The American version allows players to double bets on every hand, whatever the sum, but European blackjack is more limiting, as players can only double their bets on hands that have a value of 9, 10 or 11. In American blackjack, it is still possible for players to double their bet after splitting their hand.

** Splitting
Splitting is the possibility of turning one hand into two. As a result, it automatically doubles the bet and offers the possibility to win more. Basically, it gives the player an advantage by putting the croupier in a more fragile position.

In the American version, participants can divide their cards up to 3 times, allowing up to 4 hands to be formed, separate any pair of cards and also split aces. However, they can only do it once.

In turn, in the European version, players are allowed to split a hand when they have two 10 value cards as is the case of Jacks, Queens and kings.

** Strategy
When playing American Blackjack, the most common is to have more offensive players with regard to the use of split tactics and double bets, whereas in European blackjack the participants tend to be more conservative when playing such games. Namely, in cases where the croupier’s card that is face-up is an Ace or has a value of 10.

** Late withdrawal
There is also the possibility of the player giving up after seeing his two cards. This is called Late Withdrawal or Late Surrender, and it’s when the player recognizes defeat, thereby losing 50% of his bet, instead of the total initial bet. This option becomes particularly interesting when a player realizes that winning is quite difficult.

In American blackjack, players can fold at any time, which is not possible in European blackjack.

In conclusion, the rules of the American version are more flexible and favourable to the players, which guarantees more opportunities to raise gains.

By sharing these differences, we wish to help players know more about American and European blackjack. This way, we believe players will have the ability to choose the right strategies for each game and thereby increase their chances of winning.

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