How to Play Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most popular casino games and it’s very easy to understand the object of this game: the player must try to get 21 (twenty-one) points in total with his cards, or closer to that value than the dealer, without busting, that is, without getting more than 21 points.

How to play?
– Players must place a bet to receive the cards. Each player receives two cards facing up;
– The dealer draws two cards: one facing up and another facing down;
– Memorizing the value of the cards is easy: the Ace is worth 1 (one) or 11 (eleven), whatever is most convenient for the player; Kings, Queens and Jacks are worth 10 (ten); the remaining cards are worth the value they represent;
– If the value of the first two cards is 21 (twenty-one) points, the player has a Blackjack. The dealer announces “Blackjack” and pays one and a half times the bet amount. However, if the dealer’s facing up card is an Ace or worth 10 (ten) points, the play will continue until the final score of the dealer is known. When the dealer has an Ace, players with a Blackjack may choose to get the value of their bet back, before the second card of the dealer is known;
– If the player doesn’t have a Blackjack after the two initial first cards are dealt, the player can opt to “stay” (not ask for more cards), if the score is higher than 11 (eleven), or “continue” (ask for additional cards) until getting the desired score, without exceeding 21 (twenty-one) points. The player loses his bet when the 21 (twenty-one) points limit is exceeded;
– After all the players have made their decisions, the dealer turns his second card. If his cards total 17 (seventeen) points or more, the dealer stays. If the total is 16 (sixteen) or less, the dealer must continue until getting at least 17 (seventeen) points. When the player’s score is closer to 21 (twenty-one) than that of the dealer, the player wins the amount of the bet, otherwise he will lose it. When the player and the dealer have the same score there’s a tie. However, a Blackjack combination (only 2 cards) always beats a total of 21 (twenty-one) made with more than 2 cards.

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