European or American Roulette at online casinos?

Roulette is one of the most recognized casino games in the world. Knew as the true wheel of fortune, the roulette considers two game types: the American Roulette and the European Roulette. In both games, the roulette wheel displays the numbers, by turns, black and red and the 0 (zero) is usually green.

For both versions the way to play is essentially the same, the big difference lies in the way the roulette wheel is built, which changes the odds considerably.

American Roulette, contrary to what the name might indicate, was created in France in the 18th century. The main feature is in the roulette wheel which includes two 0 (zeros), which gives the casino a greater advantage over the players.

And this is the main difference when compared to European roulette. This one, also invented in France, is composed by the same 36 numbers, but only a 0 (zero) which, theoretically, makes it more interesting for players, because with fewer numbers the winning chances growth.

The games designation are related to their popularity, American is the most played roulette in America and European is the most played roulette in Europe.

These types have some specific rules, which are important to be familiar with, although it doesn’t influence the game in a significant way. Are they:

“En Prison”: in European roulette, when the ball lands on 0 (zero), the player doesn’t lose his bet and it will count for the next round. If the ball lands again on 0 (zero), the player will receive his money back but without gaining anything. Important note: This rule is mainly used in real casinos.

“La Partage”: this rule is similar to the previous one, except that when the ball lands on number 0 (zero) the player only receives back half of the bet amount. Important note: This rule is used in European roulette and only in real casinos.

“Surrender”: This rule is the same as the “La Partage” rule for the American Roulette version.

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