Return to Player on Slot Machines

Return To Player (RTP) represents how much a slot machine returns to its players for each unit played over time. This value is presented as a percentage and it’s usually lower than 100%.

The House edge is the difference between 100% and the slot machine’s RTP. This value is the statistical advantage that allows casinos to make money in the long term. Oddly enough, though, slot machines with high RTP percentages (close to 100%) are often termed loose slots, while slots with a low RTP are sometimes referred to as tight.

An RTP value of 95% means the house edge is 5% (100-RTP). Therefore, over millions of spins, the casino wins on average  5% of every unit wagered with that slot machine. Slots have paytables, a table of values determining the payouts for the various outcomes of the game. This gives players a chance to win in the short term, while still allowing profits for casinos in the long term and across a wide player base.

This is why it’s important to choose a slot machine with a high RTP, or at least avoid those with very low RTP percentages. This will extend the game and allow players to play for longer periods, increasing their chances of winning. Sure enough, players will enjoy more spins and get better value for their money.

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