Online Blackjack expressions meaning to beat the dealer on online casino

To start playing online blackjack it’s important to know and master a few terms and expressions used in the game, which will allow you to play with more confidence. The terms “Blackjack” and “21” are probably easy to understand, but the game has other tricky and more specific words that it’s important to be aware.

In this blackjack appendix, you’ll find some of the most common words used around the online blackjack table. Playing online blackjack on the best online casinos is easy and fun and after few rounds you’ll figure out the game.

So, our recommendation is to start playing for free! You don’t have to risk your money on the game while reading up on this Blackjack glossary to really get into the game!

Ace rich – a specific game that has more aces than usual, which increases the possibilities to get 21 points
Bankroll – The amount of money that a player has got to gamble with, usually the money deposited in the casino account
Blackjack – The name of the game but also the name that corresponds to the very best hand, namely an ace and a card worth ten. This hand is worth 21.
Burn card – This is the card that gets removed from a new deck as it is introduced into the game.
Bust – Also called as “break”, this happens when the player gets more than 21 points in a game of Blackjack, which means he loses.
Card counter – This is a player that pays attention to the cards and counts them by using a system also known as card counting. It’s not so relevant in online Blackjack
Dealer – Dealer or “croupier” is the person that deals the cards in the game. In the online games this is done automatically and not by a human being
Double down – This is when a player doubles the bet before continuing the game
Early surrender – When a player quits the game and gets half the bet back
Even money – When you win the same amount you bet
Flat bet – A flat bet is one that is being repeated for several hands in a row, the same size each time
Face cards – The cards that are worth 10, namely the ten, the Jack, the Queen and the King
High roller – Term used to identify a blackjack player who makes big bets and who has a huge bankroll
Hit – To draw a new card
Hole card – The dealer’s card that is not open for all to see
House – This is the casino
Insurance – If the dealer has an ace showing on the table it is possible to place an extra bet and take insurance in case the dealer gets a Blackjack
Late Surrender – After seeing the dealer’s up card the player can give up and get half of his bet back. However, if the dealer has a Blackjack the player loses his entire bet
Natural – This means a Blackjack, the moment when the player gets 21 points on the initial deal.
Paint – This is a card with a picture, the Queen, the Jack or the King
Push – When there is a tie between the player’s hand and the dealer’s. In this case, no one will lose
Shoe – A box that stores the cards used in the game
Stand – When a player decides not to get more cards from the dealer
Split – When a player receives two cards with the same value, he has the possibility of dividing them into two new hands
Surrender – This happens when a player decides to give up on the hand. At that moment, he loses half of his bet
Up card – This is the dealer’s revealed card
Whale – The name given to the major high rollers
21 – The goal of the game is to get 21 points. For that reason, Blackjack is also known as 21

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